Does Cholesterol or Omega-3 predict your death risk better

Does Cholesterol or Omega-3 predict your death risk better?

You might be surprised by the results of a recent study, which found that if you're looking to measure your risk for death-you should focus on omega 3 levels! The Journal of Clinical Lipidology reports an association between high optimal types rather than total cholesterol when it comes down how likely someone will die over time.

What if I told you that there was a way to increase your chances of living longer? 

It's all about understanding what kind of death will happen when and how it strikes, as well as taking steps now so we can avoid being caught off guard later.

What you need to know about the fish oil study

We’re not going to have you sift through all that information, though! 

Instead we'll give some background on how it went down and what that means in regards with your business goals as an organization or industry leader today--today's trends are tomorrow's successes afterall.

It's a well-known fact that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the risk of heart disease, but did you know they also had an impact on physical health? A recent study looked at mortality rates from all causes and found interesting results. In particular those participants with high levels in their Omega 3 index had 35% fewer overall mortality!

But wait:

What is the relationship between omega-3 levels and heart disease?

The researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids are link to a reduced risk of CVD events, especially those related heart attacks and strokes. They also recorded deaths by cancer as well as incidents where people had high cholesterol levels like widowmaker episodes (a term used fornonfatal cardiovascular disease).

I think you now all know what this means. 

Yes, you’re right! The omega-3 index is a measure of how well your heart protects itself from certain events. The higher this number, the lower your risk for overall cardiovascular disease!

Isn't it time you started taking advantage of all these amazing health benefits? 

There's a reason why Omega-3 supplements are so popular. From reducing heart disease risks to boosting mental clarity, these fish oils can do it all! But what about the ETA? It was only found in one specific type of green lipped mussel but its added benefits make this study worth looking into further - especially since they were able to prolong cognitive function too with just simple ol' Fish Oil alone!

Cholesterol and Mortality: What’s the deal?

You might be wondering why I’m telling you about omega-3s and their relationship with death from different causes. 

After all, cholesterol is a better predicting factor of CVD! But hear me out because what we are talking here isn't just related to heart disease or even dying—it can affect your overall wellness too!. 

I'm getting ahead myself by discussing this now but let's go back for one second--what do these fats actually DO in our bodies? You see where there could potentially be some benefits when thinking outside the box as opposed if being limited only within those

The study looked at how omega-3s can help protect against death from all causes, including heart disease. The research was conducted by comparing an individual's Omega 3 Index level with their cholesterol levels - a known risk factor for CHD (coronary heart diseases). What they found is that people who had higher amounts of these healthy fats in their diets were less likely to die over time than those whose cholesterols dropped below normal ranges.

The One Thing You Need to Understand About Your Health

As you can see, researchers and doctors are interested in adding your Omega-3 index as a biomarker tested during preventive blood screening. They hope that this will allow them to determine whether or not it's appropriate for everyone who has an increased risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer because their level might be too low!

With the help of a natural green lipped mussel oil supplement, you can easily boost your Omega-3 levels and be on track for better health.

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