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Greenshell™ Mussel for Arthritis Pain

Find out the benefits of green mussels for arthritis and why it has become the safe natural alternative to over-the-counter arthritis pain relief medications.

What Causes Arthritis Pain?

People suffering from arthritis or any related disease may experience chronic pain that can last anywhere from weeks or months on end to some even having it for an entire lifetime. The pain comes from the inflammation of one or many joints within your body that may be a result of wear-and-tear damage through years of usage, injury or infection that cause breakdown of cartilage tissue, or other diseases like autoimmune disorders. Whatever the cause may be, the pain may be intolerable if not treated properly with effective arthritis medication.

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Why is Greenshell Mussel is Used for Arthritis Pain?

Studies have shown that greenshell mussel can be effective in decreasing arthritis pain. Scientists found that these mussels contained rich amounts of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Eicosapentaenoic acid (ETA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are the two important fatty acids found in Greenshell mussel which research have found to be highly effective in decreasing joint inflammation. This is why many people have used New Zealand green lipped mussel for arthritis since the 1970's.ETA, the omega-3 fatty acid, has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties with comparable impacts to drugs like Paracetamol which can be used to help relieve pain. This is why Greenshell mussel which contains high concentrations of ETA is considered to be one of the better alternative treatments for arthritis pain when over-the-counter medications are not working as they should.

Is Green-lipped Mussel for You?

If you are looking for an alternative to oftentimes expensive over-the-counter rheumatoid arthritis medications to help reduce arthritis pain, then Greenshell mussel or, more specifically, green lipped mussel tablets for arthritis may just be the perfect choice for you. It is natural as it is made of freeze-dried ground mussels and its oil extracts to produce capsule or tablets. Greenshell mussel has been used by a multitude of people since the 1970s and have shown to have helped minimise or reduce symptoms of arthritis pain.